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Travis Oler Welcomes Paulette Jordan


I welcome Paulette Jordan to the race for US Senator for Idaho. Vigorous, fair, and legal competition is central to the American way of life in both business and politics, and no one should whine because someone else wants to compete or has an opposing view.

America is a better country when every primary and general election is contested up and down the ballot. During 2018, Democrats in Idaho left hundreds of county and state legislative elections uncontested. The filing deadline to compete in the 2020 elections is March 13th. I urge any Idaho Democrat who has ever considered running for office to get ready to file for an election by March 13th. For any Idaho Democrat, who has NEVER considered running for office, I urge you to run anyway. Your country needs you, and Idaho needs you!

If you would like assistance in running for political office in Idaho, please contact the Idaho Democratic Party through its website or feel free to contact me personally through my website at The more Democrats who run for office in Idaho, the stronger Idaho’s economy and communities will become!

During these next several months before the elections of 2020, I encourage American patriots and supporters of the Constitution throughout Idaho and in all other states to strenuously exert yourselves to donate, to volunteer in political campaigns, and to make yourselves heard.

President Donald Trump has repeatedly threatened the traditional balance of power between the presidency and the legislative and judicial branches, and Trump actively seeks the power to become the first dictator of the United States. Only if we all work together can this be prevented. The time is now, before it is too late.


Paid for by Travis Oler for Idaho, Democratic candidate for Idaho House Seat 31B in Bingham County. To mail in a donation, please send the check to: Travis Oler for Idaho, PO Box 103 Shelley, ID 83274.
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