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Travis Oler Platform


Travis Oler's Platform

I will oppose all sales tax increases.

My opponent for state representative, Julianne Young, has said that she wants to increase sales tax to reduce property tax. See the image below for her statement from her candidate survey with Idaho Freedom Action.

House Bill 359 was introduced in 2020 by Republican Jason Monks that would raise sales tax from 6% to 11% to reduce property taxes. This would be the highest sales tax in the country. Every Idahoan who lives 2 hours from another state would start shopping out-of-state instead! Raising the sales tax to 11% would wreck Idaho's economy and destroy adequate funding of local school districts and governments.

I will fight to reduce ALL Bingham County homeowners’ future property taxes.

I support legislation that reduces future property taxes for ALL Bingham County homesteads.

I will fight to FIX and then PASS the farmers’ Right to Repair bill.

Sometimes farmers are restricted in their options to get their tractors and other equipment repaired, causing unnecessary delays and crop damage during critical planting and harvesting seasons. Simply put, farmers’ Right to Repair is what’s fair for farmers and will help Idaho’s economy grow faster. In 2020, Julianne Young voted to kill the farmers’ Right to Repair in committee rather than fix it, which is why the Bingham County Farm Bureau Board has refused to endorse Julianne even though the Boise office of Idaho Farm Bureau gave her a “100%” score that is only based on bills that get a vote on the floor of the House.

I will support law enforcement and first responders.

Julianne Young has refused to condemn her campaign worker Parrish Miller, who said that the United States government should be eradicated and who claimed that it is morally justifiable to kill police if they try to arrest you or your friends.

I will sponsor legislation similar to Georgia House Bill 838 that makes it illegal to harass and intimidate police officers and other first responders. That way Ammon Bundy and other Idaho Freedom Foundation supporters can be sent to jail if they seek to harass and intimidate police officers or their families.

I will support adequate funding for education so that Bingham County can have good schools.

Only 9 out of 105 legislators, including Julianne Young, voted against 2019 House Bill 153, which raised starting teacher minimum salary to $40k/year. We can’t have good schools in Bingham County if we don’t pay teachers a livable wage!

I will oppose socialism.

I worked in the franchise industry for over 10 years, and during that time helped hundreds of small business owners start and grow their businesses. I was also raised on the family farm, where I saw firsthand how owning a business created incentives for hard work and thrift. I am a firm believer in the capitalist system, and I am currently a family farm manager and business owner.

I will protect gun rights and the rights of the unborn.

The state of Idaho has done a thorough job protecting gun rights and the rights of the unborn, and I will not seek to undo any of those rights. Don't let false accusations fool you on this.

I will oppose harmful local government budget freezes.

Julianne Young voted in February for failed 2020 House Bill 409, which would have frozen local government budgets. This bill was sometimes called a “property tax freeze” bill, but that moniker is a lie. HB 409 froze the budgets of local governments—not property taxes—and would only have an indirect effect on whether property taxes would stay the same or be reduced. Bingham County Commissioner Mark Bair went to Boise to oppose HB 409, testifying that a budget freeze would hurt Bingham County’s ability to provide essential services, but Julianne Young ignored his testimony.

At a Bingham Farm Bureau Board meeting in September 2020, Mark Bair said regarding HB 409, “Julianne, you have to remember that when you do a blanket thing like that, the people that are being responsible and are trying to do the right thing, you’re hurting [them] badly. I wasn’t exaggerating when I gave that testimony. There’s a bridge project we need to do right now that the state says is unsafe, and it would have had to be put off.

In short, Julianne Young can’t be trusted to vote in Boise for what’s best for Bingham County citizens, including what’s best for homeowners, renters, farmers, and Bingham County local governments. Julianne Young goes to Boise to represent the Idaho Freedom Foundation, not Bingham County. If elected as Bingham County’s state representative, I will work with other Bingham County officials to help Bingham County grow, not work against them as Julianne Young has done.


Paid for by Travis Oler for Idaho, Democratic candidate for Idaho House Seat 31B in Bingham County. To mail in a donation, please send the check to: Travis Oler for Idaho, PO Box 103 Shelley, ID 83274.
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