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Common Sense vs. Baseless Conspiracy Nonsense


I am running on a platform of common sense, opposing Julianne Young’s baseless conspiracy nonsense.

Why is Julianne so obsessed with working AGAINST Bingham County local government leaders?

Simply put, she believes that many of our local government leaders right here in Bingham County have been trained by a global conspiracy to take away Bingham County residents’ Constitutional rights. And she believes our local government leaders are gullible enough and stupid enough to blindly follow this training supposedly given by the global conspiracy.

Don't believe this? You can scroll down and click on the YouTube link at the bottom of the page to hear Julianne Young's words yourself.

Young has been heavily involved with the wacky Freedom First Society, an offshoot of the radical John Birch Society, whose founder believed President Eisenhower was a Communist agent and part of a global Conspiracy. The Freedom First Society was co-founded by a previous leader of the John Birch Society.

In fact, the Freedom First Society seems to believe that almost everyone except the Freedom First Society itself is either a willing participant in or unwittingly duped by the global conspiracy. According to publications of the Freedom First Society, participants in this global conspiracy include “all viable presidential candidates,” Fox News, many of President Donald Trump’s appointees, and apparently Donald Trump himself because Donald Trump renegotiated NAFTA rather than withdrawing from NAFTA.

Representative Young, in a video made by the Freedom First Society, wildly claims that the National Association of Counties (NACo) is also part of the global Conspiracy, and Young said that NACo, “trains all of my local elected officials before they ever set foot in the courthouse in their new official capacity.”

Every single county in Idaho is a member of NACo, but Young would have us believe that large numbers of Idaho’s county commissioners in both the Republican and Democratic parties have been utterly fooled into participating in this so-called global conspiracy.

Who exactly has prevented our Bingham County officials from carrying out their duties until they have been trained by NACo to follow the dictates of the global conspiracy, as Julianne Young claims? And which Bingham County officials have submitted to indoctrination by the global conspiracy? Young gives no explanation in her video, and I doubt Young will ever be able to answer these questions. But because Bingham County Commissioner Mark Bair of Firth is the Idaho representative to NACo, logically Young should be very suspicious of Mark Bair and seek to thwart him at every turn.

Bingham County needs a state representative in District 31 who will work with our local officials, not work against them due to a baseless belief that our local officials are part of a global conspiracy.

Bingham County voters deserve a state representative who will listen to them, not talk down to them or lecture them about a baseless global conspiracy.

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