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A New Endangered Species - Family Farms


Because of Donald Trump and his Republican senate followers, the family farm could become an endangered species.

Donald Trump's policies have created a perfect storm that is threatening to sink family farms throughout Idaho and the United States. 

The US is having its worst farm crisis since the 1980s, with farm profits cut almost in half since in 2018 compared to 2011.  Farm debt is rising as farmers need to mortgage the farm.

And Idaho Senators Risch and Crapo are refusing to stand up for Idaho farmers!  Of course, neither Risch nor Crapo are on the agriculture committee, while Iowa has TWO senators on the agriculture committeeIt's past time for Risch and Crapo to stop ignoring agriculture, Idaho's largest and most important industry.

As the US Senator from Idaho, I will obtain seats on BOTH the Agriculture Committee and the Energy & Natural Resources Committee so that I can help these vital Idaho industries.


Redistribution of Wealth from the Middle Class to Mega Corporations

The middle class needs protection from corporate welfare queens! 

With their votes for the Trump tax bill, career politicians like Idaho senators Risch and Crapo gave HUGE tax breaks to mega corporations and the super rich while giving the middle and lower classes TINY tax breaks. 

And these Trump tax breaks add TRILLIONS of dollars to US government debt over 10 years.  Bottom line: the Trump tax cuts have hurt the middle class.

The Trump tax cut for the super rich and mega corporations is a HUGE redistribution of wealth to the super rich away from the middle class

For tax year 2018, there were a total of 27 Corporate Welfare Queens that paid no taxes, but they received a collective total of $2.5 billion dollars in tax refunds--money taken from the middle class who paid taxes.

The tax refunds on this list of 27 Corporate Welfare Queens were not from corporations paying too much in withheld taxes but from a NEGATIVE TAX RATE.  And this negative tax rate means redistribution of wealth from the middle class to mega corporations and the super rich.

Jim Risch and Mike Crapo Tax Cut Betrayal

In their joint statement on the Trump tax cuts, Senators Jim Risch and Mike Crapo promised that the Trump tax cuts for the super rich and mega corporations would reduce the federal deficit.  Did that happen? No way, not even close!  Their joint statement was chock full of bad predictions and broken promises, and the prediction that the Trump tax cuts would reduce the federal deficit was the worst.

As the data show for 2018, the federal deficit continues to grow at a higher rate because of the Trump tax cuts, even though the US is not in a recession.  Jim Risch and Mike Crapo were dead wrong to claim that the Trump tax cuts would reduce the deficit.  And they will be dead wrong each and every year for the foreseeable future.

Idaho Medicaid Expansion

The Idaho Medicaid expansion initiative OVERWHELMINGLY passed in 2018 with more than 60% of the vote. 

The Idaho Republican legislature refused to pass Medicaid expansion for several years, but the landslide vote in 2018 proved that the Idaho Republican legislature is horribly out of touch with Idaho voters.

In my campaign to represent Idaho in the US Senate, my goal is to obtain the vote of every person who voted for Medicaid expansion.

The Trump Impeachment Catch and Kill Scam


I strongly oppose impeaching President Donald Trump for the foreseeable future.

By impeaching Trump, members of the US House of Representatives would become unwitting dupes in the unfolding Trump impeachment catch and kill scam.

What does catch and kill have to do with Trump’s possible impeachment?

Simply put, the large majority of Republican Senators do not have the remotest intention of ever impeaching Trump for almost anything. If the House “catches” the current allegations against Trump by impeaching him, Republican Senators will quickly and efficiently “kill” the impeachment with a “not guilty” verdict.



Filibuster and Bipartisan Legislation

In the past, the filibuster rule in the US Senate (that requires 60 votes to pass most legislation), may have encouraged bipartisanship, but that is no longer the case.  Accordingly, I strongly oppose the filibuster.  The filibuster is preventing much needed legislation and gives career politicians like my opponent Senator Jim Risch an excuse for not making any hard votes and for not getting anything done.

There is no filibuster in the Constitution, so the filibuster is simply a Senate rule that has outlived its usefulness.  A simple majority of the Senate is all it will take to remove the filibuster.

Both Democrat and Republican majority leaders of the Senate have prevented bipartisan bills from receiving a vote.  To encourage bipartisanship, substantive bills that have been reported out of committee that have the largest numbers of both Republican and Democratic co-sponsors should have priority on the Senate floor every week

This means that partial control for the Senate calendar would be taken from the majority leader and given to the senators at large to vote on bipartisan bills every week. 

No Place for Violence in Politics

Nonviolence is critical for a healthy political process.  Violence is poison to a democracy.  No one should encourage or condone violence or joke about violence or use violent innuendo.

No person should fear for their physical safety because of their political beliefs or activities.

Unfortunately, violence and threats of violence have escalated dramatically in the recent past. 

Travis Oler for US Senate
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