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Travis Oler Platform


Below are the highlights of the Travis Oler platform.

I will oppose all sales tax increases, but Julianne Young has said she wants a sales tax increase.

I will fight to reduce ALL Bingham County homeowners’ future property taxes.

I will fight to FIX and then PASS the farmers’ Right to Repair bill.

I will support law enforcement and first responders.

Julianne Young has refused to condemn her campaign worker Parrish Miller, who said that the United States government should be eradicated and who claimed that it is morally justifiable to kill police if they try to arrest you or your friends.

I will support adequate funding for education so that Bingham County can have good schools.

Only 9 out of 105 legislators, including Julianne Young, voted against 2019 House Bill 153, which raised starting teacher minimum salary to $40k/year. We can’t have good schools in Bingham County if we don’t pay teachers a livable wage!

I will oppose socialism.

I will oppose harmful local government budget freezes.

At a Bingham Farm Bureau Board meeting, Mark Bair said regarding HB 409, “Julianne, you have to remember that when you do a blanket thing like that, the people that are being responsible and are trying to do the right thing, you’re hurting [them] badly. I wasn’t exaggerating when I gave that testimony. There’s a bridge project we need to do right now that the state says is unsafe, and it would have had to be put off.”

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Protecting the Constitution and the Police


Parrish Miller has worked on the campaigns of several politicians allied with the Idaho Freedom Foundation. Campaign finance disclosure reports show that political candidates have paid Miller and his company Design by Parrish more than $25,000, including more than $5,000 from Lt. Governor Janet McGeachin’s campaign and more than $1,000 from my opponent, Representative Julianne Young.

Additionally, as first reported in The Lewiston Tribune, McGeachin has paid Miller more than $18,000 in Idaho taxpayer funds for computer services and professional services provided to the Lt. Governor’s office.

I call on the Idaho Freedom Foundation, Lt. Governor Janice McGeachin, and my opponent, Julianne Young, to denounce the killing of police and to disavow America hater Parrish Miller. I am appalled that the Idaho Freedom Foundation, McGeachin, and Young and have allowed an America hater and police hater to work for them. By paying Miller and his company, the Idaho Freedom Foundation, McGeachin, and Young are supporting and enabling a vicious America hater whose writings incite violence against police.

If elected, I will sponsor legislation similar to Georgia House Bill 838 that will make it illegal to seek to harass and intimidate police officers and other first responders. That way, Ammon Bundy or other Idaho Freedom Foundation supporters can be sent to jail if they seek to harass or intimidate the police.

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Farmers' Right to Repair

I will fight tooth and nail to pass the Right to Repair bill to support our farmers, and Julianne Young has fought and will continue to fight tooth and nail to defeat it. 

In 2020, Julianne Young voted to kill the Right to Repair bill by holding it in committee

When an irrigation pump goes out, or the grain needs to be harvested before the hail storm arrives, or the potatoes need to be harvested before an early frost (like happened last year), there is NO TIME to be wasted by red tape preventing the repair of a tractor or harvester or other farm equipment. I have zero tolerance for that kind of nonsense.

Our farmers anchor Bingham County’s economy, and we need to support them—not only because it’s what’s fair but also because they provide jobs and help fund our local schools and local governments. The Right to Repair bill is good for farmers, education, and our local economies but bad for the out-of-state special interests that fund the Idaho Freedom Foundation and their allied politicians like Julianne Young.

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Good Schools Need Adequate Funding


While in Boise, Julianne Young has consistently fought against adequately funding our schools and sought more top-down state control of Idaho local school boards and local governments. 

In 2019, Julianne Young was one of only 9 legislators out of 105 to vote against House Bill 153, which raised the minimum salary for teachers to $40,000 per year. The vote in the House was 61-9, and the bill was unanimously approved in the State.

In 2020, Julianne Young voted for House Bill 393 that would remove the election slots in March and August that are currently available for local school boards to request levies.  The Idaho School Boards Association opposed HB 393 because those election dates are strategically located to help fix budget shortfalls after they have been identified but before budgets need to be finalized for the upcoming school year.

Young voted for HB 347, which would prevent school boards from requesting a levy for a similar subject more than once in 11 months. In other words, if a levy fails and the school board adjusts the levy based on voter feedback and wants to come back with a better proposal several months later, too bad! Under HB 347, that money would be lost for an entire year, and so would the educational opportunities for Idaho’s children.

As her votes on HB 393 and HB 347 show, Young does not care about adequately funding Bingham County schools, but I am confident that the large majority of Bingham County voters do care greatly about their neighborhood schools, and voters should forcefully oppose Young’s attempts to tie our school boards’ hands.

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Common Sense vs. Baseless Conspiracy Nonsense


I am running on a platform of common sense, opposing Julianne Young’s baseless conspiracy nonsense.

While in Boise, Representative Young has consistently sought more top-down state control of Idaho local governments. That's not common sense, and Julianne's actions are being driven by baseless conspiracy nonsense! 

Why is Julianne so obsessed with working AGAINST Bingham County local government leaders?

Simply put, she believes that many of our local government leaders right here in Bingham County have been trained by a global Conspiracy to take away Bingham County residents’ Constitutional rights. And she believes our local government leaders are gullible enough and stupid enough to blindly follow this training supposedly given by the global Conspiracy.

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Julianne Young's Conspiracy Videos


Please click below to watch excerpts from a video Julianne Young made with the wacky conspiracy group Freedom First Society.

Julianne Young is legislating and voting on bills in Boise based on her conspiratorial beliefs. 

Simply put, Julianne Young believes that many of our local government leaders right here in Bingham County have been trained by a global Conspiracy to take away Bingham County residents’ Constitutional rights. And she believes our local government leaders are gullible enough and stupid enough to blindly follow this training supposedly given by the global Conspiracy.

Don't believe this? Just click on the link above to watch parts of the video yourself.

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Idaho Medicaid Expansion


The Idaho Medicaid expansion initiative OVERWHELMINGLY passed in 2018 with more than 60% of the vote statewide and 52.3% of the vote in Bingham County. 

The Idaho Republican legislature refused to pass Medicaid expansion for several years, but the landslide vote in 2018 proved that the Idaho Republican legislature is horribly out of touch with Idaho voters.

In my campaign to represent Bingham County in the Idaho House of Representatives, Seat 31B, my goal is to obtain the vote of every person in Bingham County who voted for Medicaid expansion.

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Socialism Is Not the Answer


In 2019, I enjoyed watching parts of a speech from former Democratic Colorado Governor John Hickenlooper, where he said, "Socialism is not the answer." 

It is a standard tactic for some Republicans to label all Democrats socialists. This is a blatant lie. I did not grow up on the farm as a socialist, and I've never been a socialist.

Governor Hickenlooper's saying resonated with me because I have worked in the franchise industry for over 10 years, and during that time I helped hundreds of small business owners start and grow their businesses.  I also was raised on the family farm, where I saw firsthand how owning a business created incentives for hard work and thrift. 

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COVID-19 Deniers


My opponent, Julianne Young, has joined the anarchist COVID-19 deniers who have protested Governor Little's emergency orders.

When others are risking their lives to protect our lives, whether they are military members, police, or healthcare workers, we owe them our respect, gratitude, and support. If we Idahoans are not willing to make good-faith efforts to follow Governor Little’s emergency orders, then we are effectively abandoning thousands of Idahoans who are risking their lives for us.

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No Place for Violence in Politics


Nonviolence is critical for a healthy political process.  Violence is poison to a democracy.  No one should encourage or condone violence or joke about violence or use violent innuendo.

No person should fear for their physical safety because of their political beliefs or activities.

Unfortunately, violence and threats of violence have escalated dramatically in the recent past. 

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Paid for by Travis Oler for Idaho, Democratic candidate for Idaho House Seat 31B in Bingham County. To mail in a donation, please send the check to: Travis Oler for Idaho, PO Box 103 Shelley, ID 83274.
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