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About Travis

My name is Travis Oler, and I am a Democratic candidate for the US Senate representing Idaho.  I am certainly not the typical lawyer, career politician, or millionaire US Senate candidate.

I am a 48-year-old US Army veteran, family farm manager, and businessman, and I was raised on a potato farm in Idaho.  

I graduated from Shelley High School in 1989, where I served 6 weeks of my senior year as a page in the Idaho Senate.  I am a proud husband, father, step-father, and grandfather.

After my honorable discharge from the US Army in 2004, I was hired as a freight train conductor for Union Pacific, working for years primarily in Pocatello, Nampa, Green River WY, and Ogden UT.  After that, I began a 12-year career in franchising and Internet marketing, helping hundreds of business owners start and grow their small businesses.

I currently split my time between managing the family farm in Shelley, Idaho, and running my Internet marketing business, First Page Platinum (see  

I have been a member of the middle class nearly my entire life, and I am campaigning for Senator primarily to help Idaho's struggling middle class.  

If you like what you read, I invite you to donate to my campaign and to volunteer!  

I am pro-business and pro-farming and definitely opposed to corporate welfare, wasteful government spending, and the Trump tax cuts that gave trillions of dollars in tax cuts to huge corporations and the super wealthy while running up TRILLIONS OF DOLLARS IN DEFICITS over the next 10 years.

Our democracy can only function properly with active citizens willing to fight for what is best for our nation.  Our country and the state of Idaho need you!  For too long, too many of us--including myself--have sat on the sidelines.

I am willing to do my part to strengthen our country and the state of Idaho by running for US Senate, and I ask that you also commit to do your part by donating and volunteering, however much you are able and willing.  

Travis Oler for US Senate
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